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Better way to prevent cheating and fraud in mobile games.

Detecting bots and hacks in games can be challenging using traditional methods, leading to lower accuracy and revenue loss. With Oleic, game makers can distinguish real players from bots, ensuring fair and safe games.

Machine Learning

We use ML to identify and block bots. Oleic is trained on millions of real gameplays to help you provide fair and safe gaming experience.

Resolve disputes

Seamlessly review flagged gameplays and resolve disputes. You can also sync your existing list of trusted or blocked users for greater control.

Robust analytics

Get valuable insights in real time to make data driven decisions, understand "why" behind the numbers, and uncover trends and anomalies in gameplays.  

Easy integration

You can integrate Oleic by adding a few lines of code in your Unity® projects. We've made it dramatically lite so it doesn't affect game's performance.

Join us in building the future.

We're still iterating, improving, and bug fixing. If you're from a gaming company, we'd love to have you to be a part of working and building Oleic together.

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